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My precious daughter’s getting married ..

My precious “Amena” is getting married !

My baby’s getting married; We had made it through Kindergarten, first grade, into middle school, slid into high school and onto college, enjoyed God’s blessings, survived heartbreaks & disappointments; and suddenly with practically no warning, she’s this gorgeous grown woman, starting a life of her own !….the reality of it is overwhelming, my eyes sometimes fill with tears
but I’m not actually sure that the full force of it hit me “yet” !

I feel as though she’s going to grow wings and fly as I watch her. I have absolutely no idea how this is about to happen or how the time went so quickly. When you’re in the thick of it, you think they’ll be kids forever, and suddenly they aren’t kids anymore, they are whole people with their own ideas and dreams and goals, and you are the second skin they shed as they fly past you.
I suppose our kids will always need us in one form or another ..
I kept wondering to figure out how it all went so quickly…..when did she slip from childhood into womanhood, when did she become a grown up ?!

Life passes in a blur, while you’re washing the bathtub, folding the laundry, driving car pool, or cleaning out your closets. It zips by you,when you take a child to buy a new pair of sneakers, or wonder if they’ll ever clean up their room or will it just be a mess forever.
And suddenly you are faced with a woman ..
, a woman who is accomplished, who has met her goals, done what she set out to do, and done it well. I take no credit for her accomplishments, she did it all herself. And I have just been so very lucky to be standing next to her for all these years, loving her, and being proud of her and cheering her on. And maybe one day I’ll figure out how it all went so fast, and in the meantime, I’m just so glad that with all her accomplishments, she still giggles, can still act like a kid sometimes ..
I always preferred to carry on duties & responsibilities, to make all of my kids as happy, content & comfortable as I could ..
Now can she really do it completely on her own ?!
This is indeed a landmark moment,
She’s the apple of my eyes .. And the fact is : she’s leaving me !
Can she do that ? Can I survive & overcome that ?
How -in God’s name- will I take it ?!
Yes it’s -her being away- going to be painful & heart-breaking,
Yet the same if she’d spend her life without having & enjoying the magnificent blessings of loving & be loved, having kids, building “her” whole new life ..

Well then, if it’ll make her happier, more fufilled,
if it adds more valuable meanings to her life ..
Then it’s worth all sufferings & pains;
that may even turn to comfort, peace of mind just knowing she’s alright ..

Now, I’m faced with the truth that these are phases we all go through,
Or different roles we try to perform,
I pray to God -the Almighty- to give me hope & strength to go on;
To fill my heart with belief & love ..

Actually I am soooo proud of my lovely daughter …
And she’ll find me whenever she needs me,
Amena …
I’ll always be there for you baby -InshaAllah-

( These are in fact NOT “fully” my words, these are my favourite novelist Danielle Steel’s feelings at the graduation of her youngest daughter !
Yet as much as I like her, this was the exact words that I do feel while preparing for my eldest daughter’s wedding -Insha-Allah-
I only had to ommit or add some words & phrases of my own to better suit my greatest event ..
I think not only me but also nearly every mother will get the impression that the famous writer speaks on “her” behalf !!! )

D.S. Has all the credit, I’m just being “picky”
The Graduate; Published on May 29, 2012

P.S. The last three paragraphs are all mine ..

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